My Verbal strategies for GMAT

5 10 2007
  • Books and material

Hard copies
– Princeton review …good basics book
– Kaplan 800 … toughie
– OG 11 … good set of GMAT level questions.. will not call it bible… there is much more to GMAT than just OG
Soft copies
– Manhattan SC (must read for improving your SC hit rate)
– Manhattan CR,RC … nothing much to gain from… you can still read it as it is quite closely integrated with OG and can give you some good starting points. I read this after I had read other CR and RC strategies (from kaplan, princeton,
– OG 11 verbal review
– OG 10
Other material
– SC1000
– questions floating on , , gmat_may2007@googlegroups, prachi_parekh_gmat@yahoogroups material

  • 123

Always remember the simple principle for GMAT preparation… work on your basics, get a feel of the questions, improve your accuracy and then time yourself.
My 123 approach is
1. Basic
2. Accuracy
3. Speed
Do not try to move from 1 to 3 or directly 3… it is extremely important that you go step by step.

Princeton Review and Kaplan GMAT are good books for your basic preparation. Keep working until you are comfortable with all types of questions. Ample number of questions are available online to test your accuracy. Continue with questions till you reach an accuracy atleast greater than 85%. Start timing yourself and target your speed to
SC-1 to 1.5 min
CR-1 to 1.75 min
RC-1.5 to 2.0 min (including time taken to read the passage)

  • Practice Tests and actual exam

Do not panic! Keep your cool and keep talking to yourself… keep faith in the system and your capabilities.
GMATPrep 1 – try to give this exam around atleast 10/12 days before the actual test
GMATPrep 2 – 2/3 days before actual test

Other tests… you can give them at any time depending on your level of preparation

  • Bottom line

Work hard…Never lose hope …and believe in yourself… after all GMAT is just an exam… there is more to life than just this shitty exam… Give yourself sufficient time for other important things too

All the best! Feel free to ask any specific questions… I will be happy if I could help in any way

Disclaimer – I took the GMAT twice… there are many people who may be better than me… I have just tried to put down my beliefs and strategies.




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6 10 2007
Test Preparation

1. Basic
2. Accuracy
3. Speed


This is great advice. If you try to jump from 1 to 3, or just skip 1 and 2 altogether, then you’ll likely be rushing rather than working efficiently, and may actually end up missing more questions.

6 10 2007
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16 11 2007

thanq man..,

i read somewhere in blog tht ur frm IT backgrnd,
how much work-ex u have…,

i’ve been recruited to an MNC which offers its finaicial support to pursue my post-gradaution after working there for a certain duration..,
which do u suggest -going with support of company or applying on my own..,

hope i’ll get a reply..,


26 11 2007

Hi Murthy,

Most companies would like the employee to stay with them for some time if they (the company) finance his studies. Although, it may sound like a good option before you get into an MBA program, I think it would be restrict your post MBA options. It’s always good to apply on your own…

Hope this helps…

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