The Wait has begun…

5 10 2007

Time has almost stopped! A minute passes like an hour, an hour like a week, and a week like a month! I am desperately waiting for the ISB shortlist.

Every movement of the clock takes me closer to the day when the shortlist for ISB will be declared. I have worked hard on my essays and with my decent profile, I should deserve a chance to interact with the AdCom for a one on one discussion! I have done whatever I could… now all depends on the evaluators of my application packet.

I submited my application for R1 on September 15th and my current status on the website displays,

Application Completion Status: Completed.
Your application is complete. Further update will be available approximately 3 to 7 days before the interview date for the interview location you have chosen.

Some forum posts from current students on PagalGuy have indicated that the total number of applications received this year for R1 are ~1550 (~1000 last year) and an average GMAT score of ~690 (~680 last year). Don’t know if these numbers are correct but the competition definitely seems to be tougher this year!

PS: For the uninitiated, ISB is one of the best known business schools in India. For more info, visit ISB website




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