Mobile phones banned on Mumbai roads

9 10 2007

The latest regulation from the traffic authorities in Mumbai bans the use of mobile phones while driving. In fact, it can lead to a jailterm! This is ridiculous but probably a step in the right direction. In India the only way to enforce a rule is to add a clause with strict punishment for non followers. I believe such a clause always existed in the rule books but the government and traffic police department seems to have suddenly woken up with the increasing number of accidents caused due to use of mobile phone while driving. Interestingly, even the use of handsfree is not allowed any more.

We, Indians love to talk and talk long. One good way to overcome the frustration of traffic jams and ever lasting signal lights is to call our near and dear ones while we drive. This small talk now needs to be replaced with something else!

This reminds me of a tag line “Change the way you talk!” (ZIP Phone… Don’t know whether it still exists)

PS:Something other than just Management on this blog…. I hope my readers would support me!




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