My AWA strategies for GMAT

9 10 2007

The AWA essays written by students taking the GMAT are rated usually by one human reader and a computer program called E-rater. These essays are marked on a scale of 0 to 6.0 and the score is rounded off to the nearest half point.

The E-rater is not programmed to appreciate your individual style of writing, humor, or yours inspirations. It looks for the style and structure of your essay to that of other high-scoring essays. The key to write a 6.0 point essay on the AWA section is to understand the algorithm of the E-Rater.

  • A Sample Structure

– Restate the argument or your understanding of the issue
– Take a stand early
– Use PREP strategy
Point again
– Cover all your points in about 5-6 crisp paragraphs
– Conclude by restating your stand

  • Key words to impress the E-Rater

– In this argument/issue
– To begin with
– First, Second, Third..
– In addition to…
– Finally, Additionally
– Further more, Moreover
– In sum, In conclusion
– Inorder to strengthen the argument
– For example,
– For instance,
– Not only…But also
– Another problem

  • Some good links for AWA

Kaplan AWA AWA Essay guide

  • Live Online E-raters (Choose english from the top right corner)

  • Bottom line…

Practice is an important for improving your essay writing skills. Always make it a habit to write your AWA essays along with all the Full length practice tests.




One response

16 11 2007

all the best man…,
and thanq for the info , it’d b useful for b-schl aspirants like me..,

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