ISB to increase intake?

10 10 2007

ISB is only 5 batches old and is already up there in the top ranking insititutes of the country. In fact, it may soon appear in the league of internationally accepted rankings and accreditions.

A good news for all prospective students (like me:-)) arrived in my mail box today (courtesy Google news alert!). Don’t know if we can trust this news but it’s definitely worth a cheer!

The ISB has been increasing its intake from 126 in the first batch in 2001 to 425 in 2007-08, 490 in 2008-09 and to 560 in 2009-10.

Full article available here here

This means there would be an addition of 60-70 students in the next class of ISB-PGP.

I still have a few hurdles before I could reach this class… Here’s the schedule for ISB interviews

City Dates
Pune 25 – 27 October, 07
Chennai 25 – 27 October, 07
Kolkata 26 – 27 October, 07
New Delhi 30 October – 03 November, 07
Bangalore 22 – 24 November, 07
Mumbai 15 – 17 November, 07
Hyderabad 05 – 30 November, 07
International 05 – 30 November, 07

and here’s what my application status says

Further update will be available approximately 3 to 7 days before the interview date for the interview location you have chosen.

Fingers crossed… I should be getting a mail till about 20th of October!




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16 11 2007

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