Road to ISB….

12 10 2007

The End

Yes! I have been rejected… My name does not figure in the list of applicants that have been short listed for the ISB interview process.

Life doesn’t stop here… But I need to think about my next steps!

Any suggestions for me?




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14 10 2007
GMAT Test Preparation

Are you only looking at business schools in India?

14 10 2007

yes! I am looking at business schools only in India!

18 10 2007

Sry to here that. Whats your plan B?
Aiming at CAT?

18 10 2007

Hey Aditya!

CAT… not this time.. I am targeting XLRI for the moment!


22 10 2007
Vikas Jha

hey RA,
sorry to hear that….

what was ur GMAT score??
do they come back with the reason why u have been dinged??

and why just indian school….

Life is much beyond India…
the resources, fund…..xperience u have in US/european school….
cant be provided here….

Imagine talking to Warren Buffet….or meeting Bill gates for a class??

trying is not a prob

24 10 2007

but i thnk going to the US or UK is very costly…..wht shall one do…if he coudnt afford the money to study in those foriegn collges….

25 10 2007

Hey Vikas!

Thanks for your encouragement

I have a decent GMAT score which equals the average GMAT score for previous year’s intake for most of the top ranking schools in the world…

>> Feedback
Yes! ISB does provide feedback. I have a blog post about their feeback here

>> Indian schools
I am writing a post about my decision… I hope to publish it soon

You are right in some ways… Although, there are ways to circumvent the financial issues in form of study loans and scholarships/waivers (wherever applicable)… I believe studying abroad is a matter of personal choice rather than just an issue with funds.


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