ISB application feedback

19 10 2007

I had asked for a feedback on my ISB application and here is the response I received from the admissions committee.


Thank you for writing in.

Feedback will be provided only in May 2008. Request you to get back to us sometime in May 2008.



Let’s wait till May…

It would have been really helpful to understand my application shortcomings before I applied to other schools… hmmmmm (Sigh!) Its the way they function…

Wish me luck for the other schools…



2 responses

27 10 2007
Vikas Jha

Hmm…thats the way the like it….
something that pisses me off … damn badly…

but newez…
congrats on ur prom

and yes I read all ur blogs; not just a visitor.

its only thru ur blog i gotta knw….to app for IIM PGPX …u mst be 27….
hehe..tho i have 6 years of work x….i wunt qualify for another year….
good that i decided against it…..


keep posted…..
any research on US school u wud like to share???

27 10 2007

Thanks Vikas!
It’s always encouraging to receive comments for my posts…

Only IIMA has got the minimum age criterion of 27 years… and
I am not 27 yet! … I too need to wait before I become eligible to apply for the PGPX…

>>US schools
I have posted my thoughts about the contentious issue of MBA rankings here

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