Next target… XLRI

19 10 2007

I am now targeting XLRI’s GMP program. They accept GMAT scores in addition to the regular XAT scores. This is one of the oldest one year residential program offered in India(Yes! it’s older than ISB, Great lakes, IIM and others). Some believe the market acceptability of this program is equal to (or even better) the PGP offered by ISB.

The only catch is their eligibility criterion. They require their students to have atleast 5 years of relevant experience till March 31st, 2008. AM I ELIGIBLE??? I would complete 4 years and 9 months till this date. I have written a mail to the adcom with this query but have still not received a clear answer (read No answer)….

I also worked as a trainee with a renowned MNC during my final year of engineering. If I add these 10 months, I would comfortably beat the 5 year eligibility….

Any current GMP students reading this blog?? I need your help buddies

Update 1- 22nd Oct : I called the Admissions office @ XLRI and asked about my eligibility for th GMP. They say, I need to apply and then the admissions committee will take a decision based on the applicant pool for this year.

Update 2 – 17th Dec: I have sent my application material (application form + resume + gmat score report + DD of Rs. 850/-) to XLRI.

Update 3 – 28th Dec: Application has reached XLRI’s Admissions office. Shortlist for interviews would be out by the end of January. The wait begins…

Update 4 – 31st Dec: I received a copy of a generic XLRI prospectus that speaks about all the courses conducted by XLRI. It has only two pages dedicated for GMP. The faculty and campus information is useful though..

Update 5 – 13th Feb: Invited for interview with the admissions committee at Mumbai on 1st March 2008… Readers, I need your wishes!

Update 6 -1st March: Completed interview.. Not great.. Could have done better

Update 7 – 25th March: Online status updated.. I am IN!

Update 8 – 3rd April: Still waiting for the official letter(snail mail) to be received 



3 responses

19 02 2008

hi i too received a call from gmp .interview schedled on 14 march 08.lets see wat happens.

23 07 2008

Congrats for getting an admission in XLRI! I have 3 years of work experience (International) and have a Masters well. Do i still need to have 5 years of work experience?

26 08 2008
Sunil Kaushik

Could you please tell me what is the min, avg and highest score for XLRI GMP ?
I have got 6 years of experince out of which 5 years in Software and One year in Manufacturing.

Acads kind of OK.

Had Abroad assignments.


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