Cambridge – Judge school of business – Essay topics

6 11 2007

So the party is over! After a month of confusion and decision making… I am back at doing what I like best 🙂 …writing B-school essays …

My first target is the Judge school of Business at Cambridge. One of the oldest and most renowned institutions of the world… Cambridge is the alma mater of almost 91 nobel laureates, innumerable scientists and countless entrepreneurs. JBS, with its diverse classroom is a ideal platform for a budding manager like me… 🙂

Here are the essay topics for Judge MBA,

1. What is your immediate post-MBA career objective? What will you be doing 10 years after graduation? What skills/experience do you already have that will help acheive your aims? How will Cambridge MBA help you? (400 words)

2. Tell us about a work project or task where you did not perform well. What did you learn about yourself?(400 words)

3. How would you like to be remembered?(400 words)

4. Why is the Cambridge MBA right for you?(400 words)

All your ideas and suggestions are welcome…

Update 1 – 1st Jan 08: I have just begun writing the essays for Cambridge… Need to put all the things together before the R2 deadlines (1st Feb)

Update 2 – 31st Jan 08: Application submitted. As per the website, the interview shortlist would be declared 14 days after the deadline. This means I can expect to hear something by 18-20th Feb. The wait has begun…




2 responses

26 11 2007


I’m taking the Cambridge MBA now. My advice is be honest, be genuine, be yourself.

Good luck.


26 11 2007


Thanks for the advice and wishes!


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