Whats cooking…

1 01 2008

Hi Readers,

I have been absconding from the bloggers circuit for quite some time… My most sincere apologies!

Here are the updates….

1. Darden – Deadline for R2 is 3rd Jan.
My application is complete with the essays and supporting information updated in the online system. One recommendation completed and waiting for the other to be submitted. The weird thing about Darden online application system is that I cannot submit the application until everything (including recommendations) is completed. Another couple of days to go… I hope my recommender finds some time from his busy schedule to write some good word about me! 🙂

2. TAMU – Mays
I am finalizing the essays and hope to complete everything in a day or two. The deadline is 4th Jan. One recommendation also remains..

3. Emory – Goizueta
All done… I submitted the application on 30th December. The recommenders have also completed their stuff … I missed the R2 deadline of 15th December for this univ. Hoping for the best…

Application submitted.
Next steps…
Cambridge, Oxford/Manchester … Need to find the best two for me + UT-Austin

If you are still wondering about the topic of this post… It reflects the state of my mind at this point of time 🙂




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