Education fairs… TODO list

9 01 2008

I believe an education fair presents a wonderful opportunity to meet and speak with the admissions committee members of various schools under one roof. I have visited a few education and MBA fairs earlier and would like to share a list of the SEVEN golden TODOs during the event.

1. Be selective!
The list of participating schools is usually available on the websites of the organizer. Use the list to select the number of university desks you would like to visit.

2. Ask smart questions
A lot of questions for prospective students are answered in the admissions FAQ section on the university website. Asking the same questions to adcom members does not make sense. Ask intelligent questions that show that you have researched about the school. This also helps getting the adcom member interested in you!

3. Reserve an appointment (if possible)
A lot of universities reserve time to interact with prospective students individually during their visit to such fairs. Try and get in touch with the university to fix an appointment for a pre-application talk with a member of the adcom. This is a very good platform to discuss your candidature with the right person.

4. Keep some copies of your resume with you
During your discussion with the adcom, some may get interested in your profile. An up to date resume should give a good indication of your preparedness. A well prepared resume will give an overview of your experience and act as a ready resource to judge your probability to succeed in a business program (the two qualities that the adcom looks for in students). Remember to limit the length of your resume to ONE page.

5. Prepare a good 2-5 line introduction for yourself
A good first impression can make all the difference! Include essentials like your GMAT/GRE/TOEFL score, your good/decent academics, total professional experience and a little about why this univ. Practice it!!!

6. Network
Any gathering of like minded people is an excellent opportunity to grow your network. Use education fairs to connect with current students and other prospective students (who may be in a similar position as yourself).

7. Dress Well
Business formals should be the best.

I am prospective student myself and would be attending the MBA fair in Mumbai on 14th Jan. Please feel free to drop in your suggestions to beef up this list or if you would like to meet me during the fair.



2 responses

13 01 2008

In an MBA fair in November, I saw a student who had already submitted his applications, and had used the MBA fair to schedule his formal interviews by the Adcoms. Very smart move, I think. Maybe you can do the same.

By the way, I am also an applicant to many programmes you are applying to, and I find your blog very interesting. Keep up the good work, and wish you all the best for getting into your desired programmes! 🙂

13 01 2008

Thanks for the suggestions Rohit…

I have interviews scheduled with the admissions representatives of Manchester Businesss School and Thunderbird University’s Global Mgmt program.

By the way, I have also managed to get the Emory representatives to get interested in my application (submitted on 30th Dec.) and I would be interviewed during the MBA tour 🙂

Will update my experiences on the blog soon


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