Manchester Business School (MBS) interview experience

22 01 2008

Date of interview – Tuesday, 15th Jan 2008
Location – Oberoi hotel, Mumbai
Interviewer – Associate Director of Programs, Manchester Business School

It was a great meeting and here were some of the questions,

– Why MBA, Why Now
– What are your career plans and how does an MBA relate to these
– Some questions about my resume… the companies… my roles…why I switched companies and related
– Two of my management qualities that my subordinates would talk about
– Two management qualities that I feel I posses
– Current time 2 am and 9 pm deadline… how will you manage
– Cross cultural experiences and what did I learn from them
– Why Manchester
– Who influenced my MBA decision? What qualities do I like most in MBAs? What change does an MBA bring in ones personality?

This lasted for about 30-35 minutes and then I was asked if I had some questions… I had prepared a few questions and she was quite open in answering them…

Overall, I have a positive feeling about the meeting. Lets hope for the best.

Update 1: I have still not applied for the MBA program @ MBS but plan to submit my application by mid February. This was a self initiated meeting with the admissions representative during her visit for an MBA fair.

Update 2: I did not apply to MBS due to lack of scholarship support (max 35%) and high costs. Plus the placement updates for the current batch were not all so positive.




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23 01 2008
Arnav - moderator

Mine was on 14th same venue.
Which other colleges r u applyin to? Whazz ur profile.. care to share the resume or something???
Keep in touch !!! meetarnav(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

23 01 2008

Hey Arnav

Good to know that you also got interviewed on the same day! I have written a bit about my progress in the MBA application process in another post here


21 04 2008

Hi Arnav, was wondering if you’ve got admission into MBS for 2008? did you have a telephonic interview round? I have a telephonic interview scheduled on the 24th of April…… keeping my fingers crossed.

Do you know any other people who have got into MBS for this year? Whats your work background? Sorry for bothering you with so many questions when you’re busy with apps and stuff….

Cheers and hope to hear from you – any tips or advice for the interview?!


21 04 2008


My name is not Arnav!… I prefer being addressed as RA

I had an in-person discussion with Dr. Heather Spiro when she had visited India during an education fair. The discussion moved into an interview mode and she seemed quite satisfied with my answers.

Finally, after a cost-benefit analysis, I did not go ahead and apply to MBS.

All the best for your interview.. .I have listed a few interview questions on these pages and

All the best for your interview and ahead…

7 07 2009

Hey Rashme ,

I am a mba aspirant and would like to apply to the MBS next year. I have trying to find out more about the experiences people have had at the schoool , but I have been unable to do so . Can you please elaborate how you came to the above conclusions.


24 12 2009
Current Student

Hi All,

People, I am currently enrolled at MBS…I am actually a Manchester resident and turned down Said Business School(!) for this…and what a complete and utter fuck up – I’m not sorry for swearing, since utilisation of profanity is the only adequate means to depict the experience @ MBS.

From lacklustre Professors to God damned rude administrative staff…the experience falls VERY short of expectation.

For example, group work….oh my…the group assignments. This is quite clearly designed to reduce the work of Professors, allowing assessment in ‘flocks’ as compared to individual assessments.
Can you imagine a single, 20 minute presentation with a group of 11 people??? 11 damned people…when queuing for the presentation, I honestly felt akin to cattle going for slaughter….it was a very unfunny joke.
Worst of all, it affects your final grade! I mean what the fuck??? If a student in the group is unable to complete a designated task, ultimately reducing the overall performance of the group, why in the world should I be penalised? There was not even a form of group/peer review to highlight shortcomings of group members – I can understand why…because it involves work/input from Professors (The Lazy (or preoccupied) Bastards).

Brothers and Sisters, this has become a factory…aimed at cost reduction and maximum profitability via research and not instruction/lectures.

Even small things, for example, the course mixer event was held after reading week (7 weeks into a 12 week semester!?) during assignment deadlines…who the hell is gonna attend?
Everything is about networking…but when you have a mixer event one day before assignment deadline what would select?

The majority of the students are overseas residents paying full fees…i really feel for them because I am paying local fees and live at my family home in Manchester.
It is utter rubbish…the service, the academic stimulus, the lectures, the Damned lecturers
(One incident came to mind: Attempting to engage in a ‘discussion’ with a lecturer once resulted in a verbal slap across the face. I mean rather than discussing the topic and persuading my opinion, I experienced a sledge hammer to the mind which still hasn’t changed my opinion!)

Just ask yourself one thing…why the fuck would you see a University of Manchester – MBS Professor in India attending an MBA event?
The answer: In order to maintain the strategic objective of the institution (Research) via the income flow provided by international students.

Believe me, exhaust all avenues for acceptance into Indian School of Business…it is ranked 15th in the world!!
However, if you do still insist on overseas education…then i sincerely suggest you look at US schools.

One last thing….the weather here is awful 😦

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

rolo_44AThotmailDOTcom if you want any further info. However, I do have a two assignments (one 3k words, the other 5K words) after the winter ‘break’, oh and an exam.

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