Thunderbird interview experience

22 01 2008

Hi Readers,

Thunderbird is all about a global classroom filled with global perspectives. My interview mostly revolved around this theme. I was asked about my international experiences, my lessons learnt working in cross-cultural teams, multi-national environments and my views on some globally relevant businesses.

There were the regular questions about my career aspirations and how an MBA fits into my roadmap. Overall, I am quite confident that I should be offered an entry into the Thunderbird’s MBA class entering in FALL 2008.

For people who are still reading this post, Here come the questions that I remember from my interview,

Date of interview – Monday, 14th Jan 2008
Location – Hilton towers, Mumbai
Interviewer – Assistant Director of Global Recruitment at Thunderbird School 

– Why MBA and how do you think an MBA fits into the scheme of your career
– Why Thunderbird
– Unique cross cultural experience
– What is your leadership style
– What is the one thing that you would like to improve in yourself
– Give me an example of a successful company that failed in a foreign venture
– Some more questions about my resume

It lasted for about 40 minutes and the admissions officer also told me that I would be considered for a substantial amount of scholarship/aid.

PS : By the way, I have still not applied for the Thunderbird MBA program. This was a self initiated interview after I had sent my resume and GMAT score report to the MBA admissions office.




2 responses

18 03 2008

Good to know that you did well in your interview =)

I had given a similar interview in Jan, and submitted my appilication to T-bird in Feb…have received my admit…and can’t say how pleased I am =D

All the best…hope you make it too =)

15 11 2009


i have an interview with thunderbird this wednesday. can you tell me your profile. i have no international work ex. does that wieghs heavily?

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