Emory – Goizueta interview experience

6 02 2008

Date – 21st Jan 2008
Location – Taj  Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai
Interviewer – Senior Associate director of Admissions, Goizueta School of Business

The interview was conducted in the lobby of the hotel. The interviewer made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She seemed more keen on my career progression and my reasons to go for an MBA at this stage. Although, she never asked me a direct “Why Emory” question but I feel I piggybacked my reasons with every answer.

I talked a lot about my experience within the telecommunications sector and also my goals to stay within this domain but move to business influential positions after an MBA. I also talked about my dream companies, some of which do recruit at Goizueta. A good point during the interview was when we discussed my backup options in case I did not land up with the perfect (dream) job. This was one thing that I had not prepared before the interview but I feel I handled it well and could give an impressive answer.

There were some questions about my experience as a manager, how people perceived me and how I perceived my performance as a leader and some lessons learnt. I had prepared some good answers and comfortably handled all such questions.

For one of her questions revolving around the ‘What after MBA’ theme…  I answered,”With my past experiences in the telecommunications industry, if someone asks me to switch to Investment banking… Its a big NO NO… I have been here, done a lot and would love to stay in a role where I could leverage my experiences”… She responded, “You seem to be passionate about telecom!”.. I said, “YES, definitely”. I am a little worried if this passion would be taken as a lack of flexibility. Time will tell!

We also talked about my contributions in the community. I have been associated with the social volunteering club of my company and I spoke about my involvements in the various initiatives. I do some small things personally during my free time and I explained her about the success of these…

Overall, it was a pleasant discussion. I am now waiting for the results to be declared. My interviewer had told me that usually the results are made available in about 4 weeks after the interview. 2 weeks have passed but there are no signs of anything coming from the adcom…

The wait continues.. wish me luck




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6 02 2008
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