McCombs MBA interview

11 02 2008

Date – 9th February
Location – Office of the interviewer at Mumbai
Interviewed by – 1993 batch Alumnus from McCombs school of Business

The interview was scheduled at 5:00 pm and I reached well before time at 4:15… Had to wait a while by the time the previous applicant finished his interview. Finally I was taken into the cabin at 4:40 abouts

The interview was more like a discussion about my work, my goals, my career progression and about telecommunication industry in general. We discussed a lot about the market for innovation within the telecom sector and what are the possible killer apps. For a while, I felt the discussion was taking a technical route but the interviewer seemed quite comfortable (I confirmed this with him :)) with the technology jargon and encouraged me to explain the details. Supposedly he had an existing mobile based solution and was facing some issues with it. He asked me to give my inputs and sometimes I felt I was a consultant helping him solve his problem šŸ™‚

We discussed about why I thought McCombs was the right school for me, my interactions I had with the current/past students, my post MBA goals and my roadmap to achieve them.

Towards the end, I asked a few questions about the collaborative environment in McCombs and he explained me the how it was integrated within the curriculum. Having spent most of his post MBA life in India, he also went on to help me with my understanding of recognition and validity of a McCombs MBA in India.

By the way, the discussion lasted for about 75-80 minutes…. Overall, I feel I could represent myself well and have no regrets of missing out on any key point.

I join the Waiting brigade for McCombs too… If some people on PagalGuy are to be believed, McCombs can take as long as 2 months after the interview to declare their results!

Any McCombs students/adcom reading? When can I expect the results?




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