Waitlisted @ Goizueta Business School

21 02 2008

My admission decision for Goizueta school at Emory University is out and I have been waitlisted!

If rumors are to be believed, the final results waitlisted candidates will be communicated by end May/early June…. I really don’t think there’s a legitimate chance for international students to arrange for loans, VISA and complete other formalities in a short time after that…

Here’s the application timeline :

Application submitted (30th Dec 2007) – Interview Invite (9th Jan 2008) – Interviewed by admissions representative (21st Jan 2008) – Application complete (25th Jan 2008) – Decision: Waitlisted (20th Feb 2008)

I am surely disappointed but definitely not discouraged… I was rejected by ISB without an interview… Now waitlisted after interview.. This is a step in the right direction… 🙂 .. I don’t want to predict the future but for all you intelligent readers… Please wish and pray that I get what I deserve!




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7 03 2008
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