Man proposes… Destiny disposes!

27 02 2008

Why am I being so philosophical?

Not that I have lost hope… Not that I am low in confidence… But Yes! I am disappointed with the results arriving in the past couple of weeks.

This is the time to get up and get going again… My next interview is with the dark horse of Indian MBA schools. The school which supposedly refrains from advertising and marketing its own brand. If you have not guessed it already… its Xavier’s Labour Relations Institute – XLRI!

I am busy gathering all the little titbits of information floating around the world wide web about the one year GMP course offered by XLRI. There is so little publicly known data about the course that I doubt how I would convince the adcom about my reasons of joining their program… I have spoken with the current students and interacted with them on forums, newgroups, blogs, etc. I know roughly about the course structure, admission requirements and teaching methodlogy. Still… when I compare my infos about GMP with what I know about other MBA schools … I certainly feel the need to know more n more… after all yeh DIL MANGE MORE…

Nonetheless… I promise that if I am selected for the course,

I will help build the GMP brand on this blogosphere
I will write all about my experiences being a GMPian at XL…
I will give my best efforts to help prospective students get all the necessary info about the course, ppl, culture, placements, etc… etc…

For the record, my interview is on the 1st of March 2008 at Xavier’s college in Mumbai. I hope destiny favors me this time…




4 responses

29 02 2008

All the best buddy..

24 03 2008

thank you, brother

27 03 2008
Questions about XLRI GMP clarified « Life in the fast lane…

[…] about XLRI GMP clarified 27 03 2008 A promise is a promise and as promised earlier in one of my blog posts, I will share all the information about XLRI’s GMP and play my role in creating awareness […]

6 04 2008

favorited this one, dude

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