Check…Check… 1 2 3… Status check

16 03 2008

I got a mail from McCombs yesterday thanking for my patience 🙂 and asking me to wait for some more time… I hope the wait is fruitful. 5 weeks after my interview, I am still waiting!

About the others, I have emailed some supplementary material to Emory. They had given me an option to either stay on the waitlist and get some feedback or send additional material that supplements my application. I chose the later … My interviewer was a bit concerned about the lack of visibility for my community initiatives. Frankly speaking, I have never undertaken these initiatives for certificate sake…

Anyway…I added a short note (~ 1 page) about my involvement in extra curricular activities and community services. Plus an additional recommendation from an institution head. I also included a one pager about the recent changes in my work profile. I hope all this boosts my admit chances!

Darden is still silent about my status and so is Mays (TAMU). When will they wake up…. With the decision dates approaching fast, I am getting a bit apprehensive about the decisions. XLRI results would be declared in early April…

All in all, the waiting game continues and hope is the clear winner!




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