Still nothing from McCombs…

21 03 2008

Why is the adcom taking so long to send me my admission decision???
I paid my $125 application fee in time.. I submitted my application well before the R2 deadline… I was also interviewed in early February!

The Rumor market is full of reasons for the delay. One goes to say that all IT Indian Male applicants are kept waiting as they have far exceeded the expected applicant pool. Another one simply puts the blame on the slow/lazy admission committee members… I came across a post from a current student who says that McCombs has been traditionally known for its late acceptances. He himself received an admit mail about 2 months after he had finished his interviews!

How about transferring the blame to our dear friend and neighbor country. As they always do in politics 🙂 Isme videshi takato ka hath hai 🙂 .

Whatever be the reason, the delay is frustrating!

Oh God… I ask for patience and courage to face all uncertainties of life. Amen!



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