Questions about XLRI GMP clarified

27 03 2008

A promise is a promise and as promised earlier in one of my blog posts, I will share all the information about XLRI’s GMP and play my role in creating awareness about this program.
I spoke to one of the current student (referred to as CS further in my post) at XLRI’s GMP and this is the gist of information that I could collect…

Placements 2008

Placement process is driven mainly by the students and there is minimum participation from the college. CS was of the opinion that stats like average salary, companies visiting, etc. do not matter as the target company and salary have been a function of the person’s pre-GMP profile. The students placement committee contacts the companies directly and tries to get them for the placement week. The list of companies to be contacted is prepared after consultation with the class.

A detailed placement report would be released later in the next month which should contain details. But one thing can certainly be revealed… The average salary of the batch is higher than last year πŸ™‚

Updates – Read press release about placements

Initial fees that we have to deposit to secure a place in GMP class and the deadline for the same. And in anycase was it refundable (partly)?
Deadline for deposit is April 26th.

Updates – 25K would be deducted if the student changes his plans after depositing the first installment but before May 20th…

Student Loan and issues. Maximum amt SBI ( xlri branch ) can offer without collateral.
Last year the bank had offered the complete loan amount at an attractive rate of interest (read 1% lower than existing market rate) without any collateral. The SBI bank manager is quite helpful in resolving the queries for XLRI ppl.

Updates – Special offers this year: SBI @ 10.75, Canara bank @ 10.25

Is admission deferral possible due to a valid reason ?
No idea.. need to confirm from adcom

Details about family accommodation availability ? Are fooding expenses are also covered?
Yes, family accommodation is available and last year there were no extra charges for family accommodation.
Food expenses were included in the fees last year but this may not be included this year as per CS.

Updates – Additional cost of around 70K in case of family quarter

Do the students have to pay for the foreign module ( air tickets + food + local transport ) seperately ?
The international exposure module is something like an international exchange program.
Air tickets are included in the fees.
Food and local transport need to be borne by the student himself.

Approximate personal expenses
The expenditure during the program depends on the lifestyle of the student and there have been a few students who have a monthly expenditure of INR 500

Updates – Food expenses are extra this year… INR 500/month does not seem possible unless a student plans to go on a strictly liquid (water..even cheaper) diet πŸ˜‰

I hope the above information is useful for everyone.

Disclaimer: The above information is gathered from a current student at the school. I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this information and will not be responsible for any misrepresentation of the facts.




5 responses

5 04 2008
Devasish Basu

Am I allowed to participate in campus placements for GMP if I am a student on study leave?

5 04 2008


The placecom does not allow you to participate in the campus placements if you are a student on study leave/sabbatical


6 05 2008

As per the documents mailed by the XLRI, placement facility will be availiable to those on the study leave.

9 05 2008

I confirmed this again with current students and my understanding is correct. Students who are on study leave from their respective organizations are not allowed to appear for campus placements unless they produce an NOC from their current employer.


30 12 2008

I had applied for xlri gmp 2009-10 batch through GMAT.
I would like to know the tentative dates for the admission interview dates, admission confirmation dates etc.

Please help
thanks in advance

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