Is the one year MBA good for people from public sector?

4 04 2008

I got this email from a reader who was inspired from my posts about GMAT preparation. He wanted to know about the prospects after GMP (and other similar courses from IIMA and IIMC) for people coming from public sector

—– Original Message —

Hi RA,
I was wanted to take GMAT but couldn’t do that due to fear of preparation. when I seen your comments on this site I now decided to to take GMAT. Further U r requested to give me information about job prospect for Govt executive having 8+ year experience after doing program like GMP or PGPX (IIMA). I am B.E (Electronics & Communication) and working in XXX (reputed public sector media company) as Deputy Dir. for 8 years.

My response >>

Hi R

GMAT is just an test of your basic English and Quantitative skills… plus it can be given more than once (I gave it twice!)… so I don’t think you should be frightened of it 🙂 ..All the best for your preparations!

About your question of post MBA prospects…
Based on my interaction with current students at GMP, it seems there have been multiple instances where people have come for the public sector and moved to better role in the private sector. Private media companies would be more than happy to accept you with your experience in XXX… Moreover, I feel an MBA can also be useful in changing functions and/or industries. It all depends on how you look at it!

The one year courses offered at XLRI, IIMA, IIMC and ISB are all power packed MBAs especially designed for people with experience…and they are known to boost the career graph in upward direction.

One line answer.. it should definitely help if you want to grow in your job or move to a better role or change function/industry

Disclaimer – I may not be the right person to guide you of post MBA prospects as I am just enrolling for the course and may not be exactly aware of the opportunities after the one year MBA.

—– Message End—

Please feel free to pour in your comments…




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