XLRI…Admission offer arrives by snail mail

4 04 2008

After the online status update on 25th March… the official letter has taken 10 long days of reach my mailbox 🙂

I am happy to receive it anyways 🙂 … Lets the wishes come… I want to PARTY!!!




4 responses

5 04 2008

I am waiting till now for the letter. Called up GMP admin office, they said in a day or two I will get that. What a travesty, being in Jamshedpur, the letter is taking days to arrive. By the way, thanks for the link of result from your blog. It is from here that I got the good news. If you join XLRI, then I think we can meet.

Wish you happy days ahead,

5 04 2008

I hope your confirmation letter arrives soon!

I am pretty keen on the GMP and would join it in most probabilities 🙂
We can definitely meet each other at JSR…


9 04 2008

Interesting! I wonder what would you choose if you get TAMU and XLRI GMP both!?
BTW, congrats once again for the admit!..

9 04 2008

Time will tell 🙂

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