Texas A&M – Mays interview experience

11 04 2008

Location – Telephonic
Date – 11th April 2008
Interviewer – Current student, member of admissions office

The interview was an informal discussion about my past experiences and how I mapped them with my post MBA goals. The phone line got disconnected twice during the interview but overall it was a pleasant experience. The questions were on usual lines and I had prepared my answers for most of them. Here’s a list of questions,

– Tell me something about yourself… start from my first company (I have worked with three companies). There were cross questions on some of the things that I mentioned.
– What do you want to do after an MBA
– Why Mays and why Texas A&M
– Something about your management style (I lead a team in my present company)
– How do you manage conflicts
– What do you do to handle stress… (Mays MBA is stressful as it is a condensed 16 month program)
– What do you do other than work
– Questions that you have for Mays MBA

I would say the interview was Ok… I was told that the results would be communicated soon. I hope it means soon enough for me to take an informed decision for this important next step in my life.




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