The countdown has begun…

7 05 2008

First things first, I finally decided to pursue my MBA at XLRI. It was a big decision but these clouds of recession and slowdown in the US made the decision easier for me. Let me not underestimate the numerous hours(!) that I spent talking to friends, current students, MBAs and others who helped me decide. The last date to deny the offer was May 20th and I am on time.. so no worries 🙂 . The program starts on June 12th and I am all so excited about it… XLRIwalo… Mein aa raha hu….

My personal life had taken back seat during the last hectic year of GMAT, then applications, interviews, then decisions and confusions. Now, as the dust settles, I know… there’s some catching up needed. Family and Friends take higher priority during the next month… I would be touring Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with my family in early June. It was a difficult choice between Cox n Kings, SOTC, Kesari and other customized tours but I have finally opted for Kesari.. Hope it turns out well (More about it later…).

I resigned from my company and have been on notice period for some time now. A relaxed work schedule is definitely helping me conserve energy for the power packed year ahead. The pending parties (some had been waiting for almost 4 months now!) and planned ones for this month have ensured that my enthusiasm and spirit doesn’t go down.

And yes, there’s a lot of meeting and catching up (Is this Networking :-?) with other admitted students for the GMP. Surprisingly, there are about 9 people from Pune… We are planing a get2gether soon and I will keep you guys informed about it.

Another one month to go and the countdown has already begun. I have been asking people on what should be the right thing do before I join the MBA… I have been getting varied suggestions from plain and simple – “Have Fun” to hard and rough – “Study Finance/Accounting/Probability”. If you have an advice, drop a line in the comments section.. And a thank-you card would be waiting for you in your inbox 😉




One response

31 12 2008

i have a quetion, becouse i am considering purchasing this laptop. first,
from the picture, it looks as if the bottom half of the laptop is much bigger than the screen. is this true?
ssecond. is your machine a solid color (on the front), or a design? if it is a color; is it a hard, shiny plastic, or a rubbery material?

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