XL Lingo

20 05 2008

MBAs are usually jargonomaniacs… Yes! if you’ve ever interacted with an MBA, you would have noticed the same. A few words from the XL lingo and some more from my other MBA friends are listed below… Good to get a feeler of these acronyms before I join the course!

GRAX: Gossip and Rumors @ XLRI

FRAX: Free Riders @ XLRI

TAX: Troubler @ XLRI

PIXAR: People In XLRI (always) After Rewards

RELAX: Real Enlightenment After eXams

BOXING party : Booze only party (there little difference between an ‘X’ and ‘Z’ after a few drinks)

PAPPU: Placement Officer (elected from within the class)

TILLU: Project Team Leader



6 responses

22 05 2008

Well if you are due to join,,,,, then u should forget all the lingos after TAX. I haven’t seen anyone using it. Probably these are limited to GMP batch only. You are sure to get many more such once you join in there.

Anurag Verma
BM 05

22 05 2008

Thanks for the insider’s opinion Anurag…

I am all so excited to be an Xler

24 05 2008

Enjoy your year on campus. It will be the best year of your life. Welcome to the xl Community.

99 batch

24 05 2008

Thanks for the wishes Kim!

29 05 2008

clabber says : I absolutely agree with this !

6 10 2008
vinay sharma

hi al pls tell me about xlri life, like ragging dere, hostel life, parties, jargons xl stdnt use frequently, about the canteen/mess.

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