Debit or Credit

19 06 2008

Debits and Credits are making my dreams all the more confusing. To the extent that I have even been found discussing these terms at the chai shop and pan/bidi shop! I paid Rs.4 for my cuppa of chai so my journal entry would read “To Chai a/c – Debit – Rs. 4” and “By Cash a/c – Credit – Rs. 4”. So, as our marketing prof says, I am just operationalizing what I have learnt during the theory classes.

There’s also a lot of activity on the clubbing front (Don’t mistake it for discotheques or night clubs! I am talking about professional student clubs). I have joined the Consulting club and am also working with fellow telecom guys to setup a special interest group in telecommunications. The marketing club also seems attractive. Let’s see how much time I could devote on these activities as some seniors have already warned me of the hectic schedules ahead… I think I will have to prioritize my interests and channelize my efforts for optimum results 🙂

Got a discussion on IT consulting in some time.. Need to prepare for it… Catch you guys soon!




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