Weekend @ XLRI GMP

22 06 2008

While some chose to take a nice afternoon nap, others planned a game of football and cricket…. there were also a few who were ready with their tennis gears for a volley and an ace at the tennis court in the campus… still others preferred to delve deeper into the likes of Kotler or Myers…

For a change, there were not many meetings or discussions… no debates or friendly arguments on L’oreal’s marketing strategy (This was one of our full fledged case study for the marketing class). As usual, Bistupur and Sakchi remained the top spots for a peek into the world outside XLRI and fulfill the quota of daily necessities.

Our colleagues who are here with their families were so eager for this weekend… but the sight today was nothing less than a surprise (or should I say it was on expected lines!). Spouses took their quota of rest and the students were seen finishing the daily household chores ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Did I forget to talk about lazy bumps who were busy (without business ๐Ÿ™‚ ) utilizing the swift internet connection provided in their hostel room… and about those who enjoyed watching some movie from the thousands that are dumped on the entertainment server.

All in all.. it was a nice break…enough to rejuvenate us for the fast paced life that awaits us next week and beyond!




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