Lectures – I am loving it!

30 06 2008

What a movie! One room with 12 people.. all from different backgrounds, different perceptions, different approaches, different suggestions for the same problem… And one task – Decide the fate of a murder convict – Guilty or Not Guilty? … The movie – “Ek Ruka hua Faisla” (A pending judgement)…

Interestingly, this movie was shown during our lecture on “Managing Human Behavior (MHB)”. Apart from the entertainment, there was obviously a lot to learn about conflict management, negotiation skills, stress management, strategy and human behaviors.

Just to delve a little deeper into the teaching techniques used as a part of our curriculum… Some lecturers use case studies that are discussed and debated during the class, others use the Socratic method where the stress is on questioning (the right kind of questions) and a few others follow the traditional presentation based lessons. In all, the different methods stress on appreciating the underlying concepts and feasibility of using these concepts for practical managerial problems. The best part about our professors is the importance they put on discussions and interaction during/after the class. I had read about the lessons people learn from their peers. I am really experiencing it first hand! Moreover, a lot of what goes on during the class is thought provoking… which implicitly means the classes are never boring or monotonous.

I am really thrilled and all so excited to be a part of this experience…



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