Vital statistics – XLRI GMP batch of 2008-09

1 09 2008

I have got a lot messages from prospective students asking for the details about batch profile and are they good enough for the course. Numbers do not represent a lot about the batch but they definitely indicate a trend. Here they come,


  • Average     690
  • Range        640 – 770

Work experience

  • Average     7 years
  • Range        5 – 13 years


  • Average    29.5 years
  • Range       26 – 37 years

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ping me…




3 responses

15 02 2011
Arindam Ghosh

I don’t know whether this blog is active or not. Still i’m posting my question here. Despite having 3.5 years’ work experience I’ve got a call for GMP 2011 interview. Do I have any chance of obtaining a place for the program?

9 10 2011

Iam a GMP 2012 aspirant.Iam a structural engr with around 10 yrs of experience in design of power plants.Iam interested into entreprenurship and want to become one.I want to know if any your batchmates have choosen this as a career option there,and whether XLRI plays in any role such mentorship etc for the same


15 11 2011

Hi Srikanth

You have a decent background in terms of experience. GMP should help you in getting to the next level in your career.

All the best.

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