Back to India…

16 12 2008

I am back from the international immersion and trust me it was lots of learning and loads of fun!

Here’s the text of my writeup given to the GMP-Media relations team


As a part of the international immersion module, seventeen students from the XLRI’s General Management Program traveled to Tulane University at New Orleans, Louisiana.

At the Freeman school of Business, students attended classes where they interacted extensively with local students and eminent university faculty. During the classes, students participated in a strategy simulation game where they created and managed virtual companies that competed against each other for 8 simulated years. Students, acting as top management of the company took decisions in various management areas of marketing, operations, finance and HR. The group not only completed the simulations successfully but also made it to the global top 10 rankings. In Prof. Wilson’s words, “Your professors and University should be proud of your performance running the simulation. With all teams at one point being in the top ten percentile globally, wow, that is a spectacular achievement and one I have not had the privilege of seeing in any of my previous classes. Your class has set a new benchmark for my future classes to achieve. Congratulations on what you have achieved!!!!!!!”

(Professor Wilson teaches Strategic Consulting to full time and executive MBA program students at A.B. Freeman School of Business in Tulane University)

During the three weeks of their stay in US, the student group was also associated with Idea Village, a Non Profit organization for development of entrepreneurship in the greater New Orleans and Gulf coast region. As representatives of the prestigious ‘IdeaCorps’ initiative (student- industry linkage of Idea Village), GMP students acted as business consultants and helped local entrepreneurs working in the Green and renewable energy industry to develop their business and growth strategies.

In addition to the management lessons, the stay at New Orleans also helped students to appreciate the local US culture and develop a strong network with their international peer students, professors and colleagues at their project workplaces.





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