Class participation

18 01 2009

Most of the courses here have a part of their evaluation based on class participation (CP). This definitely helps a lot in the overall peer learning experience that a diverse class can boast about. But there are many disadvantages too… Apart from the useless chatter in the class, there are some people in the class who simply cannot digest their daily meal without speaking in the class. They speak and speak for the sake of speaking. I call such people POCs(Permanently Obsessive and Compulsive speakers)

One such experience was during my presentation in the entrepreneurship class. My group was presenting our idea of the enterprise that we are in the process of setting up. In the Q&A time, one such POC asked his question.. “What are the CSR initiatives that you are planning for the enterprise?” 🙂

As much as a wastage they are to class time and student attention, they also prevent and discourage other serious contributors in the class. I have tried to list down some typical characteristics of POCs. If you strongly feel that there may be another point added to this list, feel free to send a suggestion…

Here goes the list
– Attract attention from other classmates and make their presence felt
– Speak about their previous experiences even when it is in no way relevant to the discussion
– Ask unnecessary questions which are more personal in nature.
– Disregard the opinion of the other participant(s)

I am sure you must have come across some POCs during your career/education. Feel free to share your experiences with all of our readers!




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