Starting a venture during this recession

13 02 2009

Often, during the past few days… I have got different opinions on this topic from people around me. While some outright deny the possibility of a success, others have encouraged me and shown me the brighter side of things.

I have collected the opinions and tried to list them here

People for starting a business… These are the benefits that they talk about

  • Do the work you want to do than just adjust to whatever you get in a receding economy
  • Passion brings in creativity and vice versa… both of which fuel the success of any startup
  • Qualified people at cheap rates… Get the right team at a lowest cost!

People against the idea

  • Long payback/break even time
  • Lack of funding options available.. VCs are running away
  • High risk of failure

Although, I haven’t been able to take any side as of now… I am definitely one of those risk takers who is passionate about his idea and wants to take a plunge… Keep looking this space for more on my venture

Meanwhile, here’s some more food for thought –




One response

3 04 2009

There are so many stories of people who are actually doing better during this recession than they were before! It’s the small ideas that make a difference…

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