XLRI GMP … Q&A Round 2

31 03 2009

I have been updating this post from time to time. I would advise you go through this list before coming up with your questions. I am planning to write a dedicated post on placements and that’s the reason, I have not included answers to any of your queries about this year’s placements.

So here are some of the FAQs for XLRI GMP,

1. For unmarried students, does XLRI provide a single room or is it on a twin sharing basis?

For unmarried students, the accomodation is a single seater room with attached W/C, table, chair, bookshelf, AC and lightings. The rooms are cleaned daily and there is dedicated housekeeping staff employed by XLRI. You can be assured of a comfortable stay while at XLRI’s GMP residence

2. Do we need to carry a n/w cord with us for the laptop, or is it wireless access to the network?

A n/w cord is always useful. The college is WiFi enabled and each room has a LAN point. Each student is provided with a lan cord within the first couple of days.

3. Are there any shops within or near to the campus to purchase household items ?

Jamshedpur is a small city and major shopping centers – Sakchi and Bistupur are about 10 minutes on bike. Within the campus, there a small shop (Javeds) but I don’t think it can handle your grocery requirements. There are a couple of shops just outside the campus gate which should be able to satisfy all your purchase needs including groceries and others.

4. What expenses do we have to budget additionally during our stay?

I understand that food is not included in the fees. Can’t think of any major expenses other than the phone and daily misc spend. You should factor about 50K-1L for the international immersion.

5. Do we need to buy any additional books during the course or are the notes provided by Profs enough?

No additional books need to be bought. They are supplied by the institute. You can choose to carry a few notebooks or you can buy them here.

6. Is there any constraint on the dress code during regular course work?

I hope casuals are okay. During the first term, a professor insists formalwear for managerical communication classes. Otherwise, its casual wear. Formal suites are required for formal gatherings and interviews

7. I understand that hectic would be a small word to describe your schedule, but how often do we get time to interact with student societies? Is there an opportunity to suggest an idea and start your own club?

Some students are members of MEC (marketing), FINAX (finance) and SIGMA (social) societies of XLRI. Usually, students participate in the events organized by various societies.

There are also a few clubs within GMP which have been quite active during the year. I am a member of the Telecom club and Consulting club.

8. How often do we have alumni meets or sessions with head honchos?I am asking purely from a n/wing perspective. Such sessions keep happening around the year.

On an average, you can expect to see atleast two guest lectures/CEO forums per quarter. Alumni meets are more planned and happen 2-3 times during the year. There are guest lectures even during regular classes with people fromthe industry contributing to current topics.

[Updated 1/4/09]

9. Please shed some light on the waitlist conversion ratio . Please convey some inputs on the chances of waiting list candidates and till what number can a waiting list candidate expect for conversion to a final call along with the time frame for the same.

In my batch, I think the waitlist number upto 15 was admitted. A lot depends on the type of people selected and the conversion may vary from year to year.
You will have to be patient atleast till the time admitted guys pay their first installment. Waitlist processing starts only after this date.

[Updated 10/4/09]

10. INR 45000/- is being charged for computer ,Rs 15000 in 3 installments & we have been told to get our own laptops ? Then what are the computer charges for ?

I don’t think I need to explain the need for a laptop!

I feel the 15000 that you are referring are being charged for the Computer lab and other computer facilities available in the campus (WiFi, Printers, etc.)

11. Do you suggest one should get there own vehicle during there stay in the campus ?

It is highly advisable to get your own vehicle to campus. Jamshedpur is a small city and it increases your mobility within the city and campus. A lot of my batchmates (including me) have their vehicles (car and bike) here on campus. There is ample covered parking area available with the residence blocks.

12. Do we have to pay the mess charges in the begining itself or do we have the option of making monthly payments towards it ?

Mess charges are usually paid along with the installment. We paid 10K with each of the first three installments. Mess food can be termed Ok… There’s a new cafeteria coming up near the GMP blocks which should also present some decent options! 🙂

13. Any suggestions on the preparatory ground work I should do before the course starts ?

The one year at XL is going be quite hectic. You can choose to rest before all the fun (on the run!) begins. If you are keen to start early, you can brush up your skills in Probability, Basic accounting, a little bit of micro and macroeconomics. I suggest you to start following the economic trends and getting used to the terms.




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1 04 2009

Rohit, thanks a lot for your response. Will let you know if I have any more queries.


1 04 2009

Thanks Rohit

10 04 2009
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