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31 05 2009

Hi there!

Lots of questions on absconding from blogosphere… I am back to answer them all.

Well, after all the deliberations and iterations, I have joined a company which has recently launched its brand of mobile phones. Yes! we are taking the Nokias and Samsungs of the industry head on… and I would be the one who decides the handset features, gets them developed and ensure that they are marketed properly. My role also includes collecting data from the sales and after sales team as inputs in deciding the future roadmap of the product portfolio. 

I joined the organization on 5th May and it has been a roller coaster ride till now. 

Lots to learn and lots of opportunity to implement what I have learnt. Moreover, I would continue in the telecom/handset space and this means I can leverage my past work experience.

While, co-ordinating with the sales and service team ensures that I am aware of the ground realities, I am also involved in branding and promotions which helps me control the product. The product portfolio is expanding at a rapid pace and so is the competition. 

The challenge is accepted… Wish me luck to go and accomplish all the targets! Both for myself and my company 🙂




One response

6 06 2009

congratulations on the new role, looks very interesting to me .. and very challenging as well.. but you’ll manage… after all a GMPian is for that only.. managing things 🙂
me? I am joining GMP this year.. batch of 2010..

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