6 10 2009

Work wise, it looks like a busy October ahead. Festivals have already begun and the gifting season is in full flow! Big Business with bigger targets that’s how I would define my work in October. As a product man, this also implies that I have a busy October ahead with some stiff targets both for the supply and sales ends. I am truly enjoying being sandwiched 😉

The best part about being a product manager is I am always caught at the wrong side of the table. In my discussions with the sales team, I am THE supply side man. With the suppliers, I am THE sales man. With the marketing team, I am THE product man. And the real challenge is to sound like I understand the other side’s concerns and still put my point in a firm manner. While this is definitely challenging, it also requires me to constantly change as per the changing audience.

On the personal front too, there’s a lot changing .. While, the last couple of months took me to unlit dark corners, (this month) the shinning metal is ready to show its flame this month. My views, my interests, my opinions, perspectives and even my meal times 😉 … each of it is changing!

Friends, Change is on its way and I am all set to welcome change.




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