About me

Hello Readers!

I am Rohit Arora … based out of Noida ( a part of the greater National Capital Region around New Delhi, the capital city of India)

When I was in the final year of my engineering, someone asked me about my target of life.  I had responded confidently – Car @ 23 and House @ 27… I am 27 today and I own a car and a decent sized house… Now, I want a bigger house! a chauffeur driven sedan!

Some years ago, my target was to get into a good MBA school… In school, my target was a specific managerial role…Today, I hold an MBA from XLRI – a top ranked B-school in India… settled in a decent paying job with the role that I always wanted.

As time flies, efforts bear fruits and sweat is rewarded, some targets are achieved and new ones are created. At the risk of sounding philosophical, I would say – Targets create challenges and these challenges create the zeal to live, conquer and celebrate life!

Welcome to my blog… Welcome to my journey towards my targets of life. Feel free to comment, critique or just write to me…

Happy reading


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