It’s about Me… Which me?

4 10 2009
By the way, WordPress does provide an option of private blogs and “Members Only” areas but that was not the idea behind this blog. Want to know more, visit

When I started blogging some time ago, I was not clear about what I would write on the blog. This was also the reason that the initial blog entries were far and wide with long periods of absence. But with time, the content has grown and the blog has become a platform for me to share my thoughts, experiences, successes and failures. I have also made it a point to share my lessons with the world.

The blog has helped me to connect with my friends, classmates and like minded people. It is great when people start recognizing me with my blog. While, I am happy for my blog (name, fame n all) … but somewhere down the line, my blog is being identified as me. Well.. this has been a tricky call! I have written about the good and bad times but have obviously talked about things which I wanted others to know about me 😉 and there’s much more in my life than what has been written and discussed on the blog. After all, a blog cannot replace the fun of meeting the person – in person!

By the way, I had never thought of a private blog entries but WordPress does provide an option of private blogs and “Members Only” areas but that was not the idea behind this blog. Want to know more, visit here


Old memories revisited

3 10 2009


This picture was taken while I was in Seoul, South Korea in May 2005… The guy in blue T-shirt is me 🙂

Some advice for friends (still in university/college)

1 10 2009

You have a year  (change that to the duration of your course) to be irresponsible, thoughtless and immature. Relax, Chill and have a nice time!

Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll always remember the time you spent hanging out with your friends. So, Stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends… when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Eat in that college canteen… Drink ’til sunrise… and enjoy the camaraderie during those late night assignments

The work never ends, but college does! Enjoy your life before life starts enjoying you 😉

100 days of Obama!

17 08 2009

100 Years ago, they said that when a black man becomes the President of USA, pigs would fly. On the 100th day of Obama’s presidency, swine flew !!

How do you judge a product manager?

14 08 2009

How Do You Measure the Results of Product Management?

By Jim Foxworthy

I am interviewing for a Product Management position, and the interviewer asked me how one can measure the results of product management to determine how well it is doing. Can you recommend any resources for me?

This is an excellent question, one I found myself considering from both the interviewer and interviewee point of view. But I will respond with the latter, since you are the one who asked!The measurement of product management results can be seen in both “leading” and “lagging” indicators. Lagging indicators are the more classic business metrics, such as revenue growth, increased customer satisfaction, or even product level profitability. But those metrics involve many more people than the product manager, and take time before they are evident. So as a VP, I prefer to look at leading indicators of product management success. Metrics such as number/frequency of face-to-face visits with the market, followed by the creation of Buyer and User Personas, drafts of Problem Statements, and eventually statistically valid market evidence that describes those Problem Statements by their pervasiveness and urgency. All that input (Personas with Problems that have Market Evidence) goes into the creation of artifacts. Business Cases, Positioning Documents, Requirements Documents —you get the idea.

So, how do I know when a product manager is doing well? First and foremost I can see that they are outside the building interacting with real members of the market. What they learn gets cranked into documents which in turn empower other groups within the company, like Development, Sales and Marketing Communications. And that is how we get to greater revenue, higher customer satisfaction and product level profit.Best of luck in your job search.

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Google earth’s Desi rival?

13 08 2009

After NASA, India’s very own ISRO has its earth mapping software ready for public use – Bhuvan. Here’s an interesting list of facts on Indiatimes.

While, it does sound ambitious at the least, what is surprising that the ISRO servers were not even ready to accept the huge amount of traffic that converged at their servers 🙂

Interestingly, the ISRO’s official Bhuvan website was down and not accessible!

Where.. What … How

31 05 2009

Hi there!

Lots of questions on absconding from blogosphere… I am back to answer them all.

Well, after all the deliberations and iterations, I have joined a company which has recently launched its brand of mobile phones. Yes! we are taking the Nokias and Samsungs of the industry head on… and I would be the one who decides the handset features, gets them developed and ensure that they are marketed properly. My role also includes collecting data from the sales and after sales team as inputs in deciding the future roadmap of the product portfolio. 

I joined the organization on 5th May and it has been a roller coaster ride till now. 

Lots to learn and lots of opportunity to implement what I have learnt. Moreover, I would continue in the telecom/handset space and this means I can leverage my past work experience.

While, co-ordinating with the sales and service team ensures that I am aware of the ground realities, I am also involved in branding and promotions which helps me control the product. The product portfolio is expanding at a rapid pace and so is the competition. 

The challenge is accepted… Wish me luck to go and accomplish all the targets! Both for myself and my company 🙂